DM/HE-003, a very wide and healty summit

If you are able to reach Hessen’s “Grosser Feldberg” in Schmitten near Frankfurt in Germany i can report that it is a fairly large drive up summit with lots of benches, sitting spots and even secluded meadows where awesome SOTA can be enjoyed. We were in the company of at least two other SOTA activating groups on the summit (one of witch we did not meet actually). Although the wide range of grassland on the summit make good ground for simultaneous activation, a form of band synchronisation is best at times because my Elecraft KX2 looked a bit overwhelmed by the signals coming from the other party’s “Same band” operation. Reinhard (DK5RK) has taken some time from operating to show us his 20W bandpass filers for 20/30/40m. Great stuff!. We where very grateful to encounter such nice and helpful Sotista’s/SotaTeers on the summit of this middle German highpoint in the “Taunus” mountains. The headsend/headcopy CW contact with PA0Q was very special to me because Hans, is allso a long term SOTA operator and this was my first CW contact on 80M (aidless). At the Summit there was a “Imbiss” with hot and cold snacks and from the television tower a (at least 60+Meter) dipole was hung towards one of the buildings), At the height of 870 Meters a pretty daring setup for this antenna. Please be aware that this Summit can be activated as a drive-up or as a hike-up in summer and winter. If you plan on going there in the summer, taking a tent and some camping gear makes sure that you can keep the costs down and the spirits up! And don’t forget to get a nice Paulaner Hefe Weizen afterwards and some good Schnitzel. Hope you all enjoy this summit as we did, 73’s

Edwin Pd0sot/a

PS: I dedicate this activation to Steve (Call: WG0AT)


Hi Edwin, glad you enjoyed the activation, thanks for the report. :grinning:

73 de Geoff vk3sq