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DM/BW-256 ... what a "fun" ;-)


hi all,
today it was my second try to activate DM/BW-256, so i go up there if rain or not
i say´ed before :slight_smile:
but what a activation , in some short words

  • rain,a broken antenna and masses of mosquitos …

by setting up the antenna one wire of the 2x7m dipole broken direct at the center .only one antenna with me .mmhhh, throw the 7m wire in a tree and hope for good conds :slight_smile:
my z-match tuned the 7m wire with the other part of the dipol as counterpoise
on all bands without problems. but one C of the tuner was not in order, so i can only go up to abt. 4…5watt cw/ssb.the result with the short wire in
a tree are 68 logged qso´s on hf. most sigs are very weak today,also the well known regulars seems to be quiter as normal, but maybe that was my “antenna”.
best bands today with this hi-tec antenna are 14 and 30m. on 30m a few UA-stns
calling in with also UA9WFB and UA3LPF/M.
68 qso´s with a handicap … fine !
thanks all chasers who called me today. they must have good ears :slight_smile:

due to the light rain by the activation and the big rain from the last days, the forest ground on these summit was a paradise for mosquitos.but no problem,
i think, i take my “autan” spray.but after a a short look in my rucksack
it seems, i forgotten it in my car.
so sorry for my part times more as badly keying, but i fight with these
little bloodsuckers. think i called G4SSH roy with 8 dots or so :slight_smile:
thanks for fast break in and cfm qso roy ! :slight_smile:
today on the summit are many of my little “friends” with me, and stayed till
the end :frowning:
my last calls i made after abt. 60mins on 20m/ssb.
now i work on the antenna…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


In reply to DF2GN:
Hi Klaus, great job again !
Thanks for the QSO, you were 579 to 225 (strong QSB) here in SW France today (too weak in SSB sorry)…
Always a pleasure.
Chris F8DZY.


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus, nice to catch you with your broken antenna, still 559 in N.Wales;-)

I think most chasers can work DF2GN FB sigs if you forget to connect the antenna to the radio;-) 68 QSO’s under such conditions is a real credit to you and QRP also.

Now I think you need a blood transfusion too;-)

vy 73



In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus,

A pleasure to have the QSO on 10 MHz. Nil heard on 18 or 14 MHz, but conditions are not quite as good as last week and it was a bit late in the day for the higher bands at 1530 UTC.

As having a broken antenna still does not affect your QSO rate much you will have to try it without the rig next time !!

73 Roy G4SSH


In reply to DF2GN:

Hallo Klaus!

Ich habe Dich auf 20m mit max S5 gehört. Dein Signal ist im Rauschen manchmal verschwunden. Dazu kommt noch, dass jemand hat aud der QRG staendig gerufen, damit starkes QRM gemacht.

Ich habe FT847 und eine Fritzel GPA30 gehabt…

Alles Gute, trinke paar Bier gegen Mückenstiche… :slight_smile:

             73   DX   Pista   HA5TI

Ps.: habe ein Spider-Mast , 12m , gekauft, teste eine 40m loop…


In reply to DF2GN:

Hi Klaus,

glad you´re back home in one piece!

I had to disconnect my rig from the antenna
in the afternoon, because of the thunderstorm
with heavy lightning.
So without antenna no chance to work you :frowning: sri.

Hope to cu next weekend.

Vy73 de Fritz


hi all,

today it seems that my 7m wire from yesterday better worked than my
2x30m dipole today on BW-157 :frowning:
thanks all takers today and a big big congratulation to Ken, GM0AXY … super work !

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


In reply to DF2GN:
Thanks for all your activations Klaus; the DM/BW-157 activation today allowed me to quietly reach and pass the 10000 chaser point level, hi!
Your signal on 20 mtrs. today was well down on yesterday’s signal. However, the signal on 40 mtrs. was about the same as yesterday allowing for the QSB. It may all be down to day-to-day variations in propagation, so I wouldn’t throw away the long dipole until you have had a chance to make a few more tests.
73 de Ken - GM0AXY


In reply to GM0AXY:
Hi Ken,
thanks for the nice qso´s we had.also many greetings to Christine and thanks for
many nice qso´s in ssb,not easy in qrp-times :wink:
in moment i look for a good lenght of a dipole that covers all bands from 80 to 10m. shorter is better for the higher bands by using the dipole sometimes as a vertical at a 12m fiber-rod. up and outer config with open feeder 300ohm.
but the antenna should also work on 80m,because of my friends in HB9 who are
very close to me for hf, but most times to far for groundwave.tmrw on DM/BW-447
i use a 2x13m inv.V. and i hope the antenna will work on all bands. the feeding
line is abt. 7m. if that all not better works as my 7m wire from last activation,
i try the tip from Roy and go without a rig :slight_smile:

hpe cu tmrw

vy 73 Klaus


In reply to DF2GN:
For what it is worth:-
We, Christine and myself, use a 2 x 13.4 mtrs dipole with abt 7 mtrs of 300 ohm feeder and a balanced matching unit to the FT817 when we are out portable.
The centre of this inv V dipole / doublet is about 4 to 5 mtrs above the ground level and the 2 ends slope down to 1 mtr. where they are supported by our walking poles to keep them off the ground. This setup works OK for us on all bands from 80 to 10 mtrs. If the antenna is mounted above any available metal fence, then the NVIS-signals appear to improve quite significantly; most fences which are near the summits here in Scotland are metal - old rusted iron fences litter the Scottish hillsides, hi. A number of SOTA activators here in the UK have observed this effect, and I have for some time thought of bringing with me some extra wire and peg it down to the ground below the inv V dipole in order to test it out a bit further where no fences are available, hi.
Good luck with your experiments - look forward to hearing you on the air.
73 de Ken