DM-BW-156 DF2GN/P today

Ok, i´m late in time, i drive to the summit and qrv in abt. 90min.after 20m es 17m qrv on the “regular” used frequencys used by me beginn with 30m.also if time i build inv.V. Slooper dir. UK.after hf i try 145.575fm dir. HB9 just for fun :wink: interresting for me how 2m fm works to dir. HB9 on abt 950m.asl. with free take off dir south

vy 73 Klaus hpe cu later on summit

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Hi Klaus
Try fm with antenna in horizontal position directed to UK.
Don [G0NES]

Klaus very strong on 40m but nothing heard on 30 and 20m.

Hi Klaus,

thanks for 100 QSO´s in a bit more then 1 year and the appendent SOTA points. It´s always a pleasure to hear you working the SOTA-pile up´s.
Not a trace today on 20 and 30 but on 40m loud and clear with 579.

73 and GL

Hi all,
tnks rapports . FM dir UK seems not to be a good idea,hi.Not with a ruberduck-antenna from JN47.the FM-idea from me was only test , how it works to HB9.But i forgotten the antenna :wink: by the way,last year in november i made 52 QSO´s from the Lupfen-summit to UK by good tropo-conditions.but with 2 stacked 4 el.DK7ZB-yagis and abt. 50watt in ssb.
tmrw i haven´t the time two activate the planned i be only qrv from the Wartenberg-summit DM-BW-161.But if i not forgot the rubberduck-ant i will try HB9 in FM ;-).i start on 10.118-cw and then 7.032-cw and 7.115-7.120-ssb.I hope there is place for the inv.V. Slooper for 40m.Today i made much ssb-qso´s on 40m with abt. 4watts in mid of big QRM with this ant.
Steffen,DL3JPN, it´s also nice to work u on the summits.Let´s do the next 100Qso´s…

vy 73 Klaus