DM/BW-101 not accessible

I had a nice plan today, to activate the three Hegau Volcanoes … but could only do two.

The third one, Hohentwiel DM/BW-101, can only be activated from within the castle, and the castle is closed because of rockfall for an undetermined time … what a bummer !

Now something else, what I didn’t know is that it is normally only open till 4 pm, and tickets are sold until one hour before closing time , so
I was too late anyway. So I will have to do my homework a bit better next time, hi.

Well, I had a nice day and lots of S2S contacts … so I’m still happy.
Tomorrow I start my trek back home with three more summits …


Thanks for the S2S from DL/AM-031 this afternoon!
Have a good trip home!

73, Sylvia & Peter

Sorry, correction !
Looking at my pictures of today I see that Hohentwiel is open until 19:30 in summer, so you can get in till 18:30 … if it IS OPEN of course …

Thanks for the usefull info. I’m just planing to visit it…

Wouldn’t it be possible to do it in front of the castle?

73 Armin

Nope. The difference in altitude between the entrance gate and the summit is definitely more than 25m. Buy your ticket in the information center. Tickets are not sold at the entrance.

73, Markus HB9BRJ