DM/BW-057 today

Hi friends,
sorry to all who are maybe waiting on 30 or 40m for my call. but after sotawatch was down and again on , it was too late to go for the pile up on 30m. i don´t like it to set down antenna and walk down the summit in darkness…i think i´m more often qrv this year on this moment i work at night and after the breakfast its abt. 14 utc :slight_smile: ,and so there is limited time this week…
thanks all callers who came back to my calls on 20 and 17m.i was out first time with a homebrewed fullsize delta loop for the first test today the antenna was not very high over ground and matched via t1 tuner on 20m.power outpu abt. 4 watts with a pack of small batteries.and to tune this antenna on 30/40m is not the best idea…
i worked nice dx today and the first time ever in my sota activations i have calls from W7 and VE7.all with nice sigs here.Also worked W2,W3 and W4 with my 4 watts today , thats why i like CW so much :slight_smile:
planed in future and there is more time and the days are longer is to go out for sota with two antennas. a delta loop or vertical on the higher bands and for the lower bands i will use a dipol only a few meters over ground for inner eu.maybe i set a link in the delta loop to feed it like a folded dipole ? will try it out next time…

greeting and thanks all

73 Klaus DF2GN

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Hi Klaus,

nice to read you ! and vy nice to CW you (logged on your previous Sota)
I hope some S2S with you this year.
Please let us know about your antennas experiences, I like it !
Here I’m using a Black Widow Antenna from Website Disabled , which allows me to contact W7, VA, N too, from my last Portable and Sota activations.


< Chris, F5RQG (/P most of time)

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Hi Chris, thanks for the link. hope also on a s2s this year.
today at afternoon i´m qrv again from a local summit if enough time.
will alert before.
maybe i will go out with two antennas and try some nvis propagation on 30 and 40m
with a low dipole abt 4-5m up. the second antenna was a monoband 18mhc delta loop with 100ohm feeder.hpe this antenna works also on 20m.
from time to time i will listen and call for QRS stns…

vy 73 and cu on the summits


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Hi Klaus, what a delight to work so many W districts…

Could you give me an idea of the feed position on your loop? (in example, bottom center, in a corner down, etc…)

I guess you compensate the feed point impedance directly by the Tuner and not using any Balun, right?

Good luck and hope to hear you soon, VY 73
Ignacio EA2BD

HI Klaus (DF2GN)

Great to see you back activating CW for SOTA. We had a few QSOs in the last two weeks when you were on summits. Previous SOTA QSOs (and many too - mostly in CW) were in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

I hope you had a good break and now you are back with much enthusiasm it is plain to see!

73 Phil

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Hi Ignacio,
Delta Loop is feeded directly via 100ohm cable and matched by tuner at the trx.
no balun here.
Feedpoint is in a corner down for vertical polarisation.very simple and good antenna.

Hi Phil,nice to work you again…

Greetings Klaus