Dm/bw-057 26/12/2009

Dear chasers
my activation of DM/BW-057 on 26.12.2009 was a good and a bad activation … because:
it was a verry nice day, beautiful view but cold and
a lot of contest-QRM and then during packing my equipment into the “rucksack” tha blackforest witch shot my dorsum (correct??) --> Lumbago. So i was happy that my yl was with me to carry my rucksack back to the car and that i had my walking canes. It was a verry painful descent. Today it’s better and i hope to be active and back soon on the summits.
73 and again happy new year and a lot of fun as chaser or activator.
Peter / HB9CMI

In reply to HB9CMI:
Good idea your “Lumbago” for not carring your rucksack ;-))
More seriously, take care you dorsum under warm clothes.
73 QRO

In reply to F5LKW:
it was really a good idea but not so funny hihi :-).

In reply to HB9CMI:

TNX for the QSO’s from BW-057 (Kalus’s favourite SOTA) under difficult conditions Peter.

Glad to hear that you are feeling better.
I hope to QSO with you many times in 2010.