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DM/BM-351 Dillberg

Just leaving here to go to next summit. Rather odd array of antennae fixed to this cabin housing commercial Comms equipment. There is a CB antenna, I think a Sigma 4 and a VHF colinear. Strange. Maybe one of the German hams know why?

73 Phil

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Seems to work Phil. Thanks for 55 in to Pickering.
73 Dave

Thanks for the contacts so far Phil…the bands have been really weird. On Buchberg you came through at 59 then it was gone so no contact unfortunately.
Best 73

Can you hitch up to the vhf colinear to make some 145-FM contacts @G4OBK Phil :rofl: Great to get you 5/5 into Mid-Wales!

73, GW4BML. Ben

Last one of the day now by the ruin on Poppberg DM/BM-256

RF in 10 minutes

73 Phil

Nice to qso you in cw today. Strange conditions, but it works.
73 Chris

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