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in your todays (April 15th 2015) statement I can read about under P100-summits in DM.
As the regional-manager of Hessen (DM/HE) I have changed all summits into P100 as wished in 2008.

It would be interesting for me to know if any and if yes which summits in my region Hessen (DM/HE) are not within P100.

Mni tnx in advance and vy73 de Fritz DL4FDM (HB9CSA)


same thing here. As RM for DM/RP I would like to know if there are any non-P100 compliant summits in DM/RP or DM/SR. We (DF6PW and me) did the 2008 survey for P100 in the DM/RP,SR and NW
using WinProm (WinProm - GIS Wiki | The GIS Encyclopedia) with SRTM-3 data for raw data lists and checked all summits of the raw lists against TOP50V4 (official electronic map with height layer tools ).
SRTM-3 data are really not very reliable and cannot be used for P100. It tooks us several weeks to prepare lists for DM/SR, DM/RP and DM/NW. We did provide also raw data lists for DM/HE and other regions.
We still have all emails from our correspondence with Marc G0AZS and did send him TOP50 V4 maps for checking our lists.

Thanks in advance.


All participants have access for contact information for members of the MT. Posting requests for detailed information on the reflector can be a waste of time as there is no guarantee that the appropriate member of the MT will see it. The requests have been passed on.

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