DL8JJ-Emil & DF3MC-Martin Faroe Islands SOTA DX-Pedition Marathon 21.05-25.05.2017

Hello radio friends,

The next adventure is coming and I’m pleased to announce that Martin / DF3MC and I Emil / DL8JJ will be QRV between the 20.05.17 and 25.05.17 (next week) from the Faroe Islands.


Faroe Islands are never been activated by SOTA and we want to activate as many peaks as possible within 4 days.
Also we plan some mobile activity as OY/DF3MC/M & OY/DL8JJ/M.

RIGs: Elecraft KX3, Elecraft KX2, KPA-100 (thanks QRP Shop), Spiderbeam Aerial-51 Antenna & Aerial 51 SKY-SDR (thanks Rick), HFP-1, Dipole, Win-10 Tablet & N1MM, LiFePo4 batteries
We will be very happy to hear some of you.

Martin & Emil

PS: Film presentation on Ham Radio 2017 (Saturday, 15.07.2017, 2 pm, room Austria)


Hi Emil,

Best of luck to both of you!

I hope to catch you from a summit this coming weekend. After then I will be at work :frowning:

Thanks & very best 73,

Mark G0VOF

That’s good news, but what bands are going to be used?

we will be on 40, 30, 20, 17 depend on propagation and daytime active.

Great lads,

Looking forward to chasing you. And inter OY/GM on 40M might prove good?

And hoping to attend FRIEDRICHSHAFEN this year for the first time. So ABW looking forward to your presentation.



Thanks Jack,

we will be on the bands active, where the best propagation are.

Nice to meet you in Friedrichshafen. Ist great time there!


Arrival delayed:
It is not so easy to reach the islands:
Strong winds prevented the landing of our aircraft yesterday, and after two tries the pilot decided to return to Kopenhagen.
There is another chance this morning.


Sorry to hear of your problems, but so far north things can be difficult. Here’s hoping for a SAFE arrival and stay.

73 Ed.

I see by your spots today that you managed to get onto the Faroes.
Any chance of a few contacts on phone please or are you only running CW on this expedition?
Hope all is going well and the weather is OK - I suspect it gets VERY windy up that way!

73 Ed.

Ich sehe heute von deinen spots, dass du es geschafft hast, auf die Färöes zu Landen.
Gibt es ein Chance auf ein paar Kontakte auf SSB bitte oder willst Du nur CW auf dieser Expedition nutzen?
Ich hoffe, alles gut läuft und das Wetter ist in Ordnung - ich vermute, es wird sehr windig auf die Inseln!

73 Ed,

Unfortunately my bag with most of my equipment (incl the microfon) was lost on the flight to Kopenhagen. So SSB will be possible only after the bag has arrived here - hopefully.

OK understood. Good that all of Emil’s gear managed both flights!

Good luck with further activations.

73 Ed.
P.S. Danke fürs direkt mail und tolle fotos!