DL7URB SOTA Award - A smart idea!

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What a great idea! I am glad Robert is enjoying the addictive condition of being a SOTA Chaser.

73 Andrew G4AFI

I did’nt know that…
What about me? i got Robert 51 Qso in my log from 51 unique summits.
73’s Gerald

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Robert recognized that. I assume you will receive your award soon (maybe Robert has to create a special award number before, e.g. #nnn.2 or #nnnB) ;-))
73, Heinz HB9BCB

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Bjr Gerald,
I am very sorry and sad, that I made that mistake. Yes, it is true, we had 50 QSOs already
finished in 2013. I told Heinz about that. You will certainly also get your Award soon.
By the way, i like your eQSL cards very very much. Dont stop create newones.

Merci and 73, de Robert, DL7URB.

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Just added a picture of the DL7URB SOTA Award to my qrz dot com page.

Heinz, HB9BCB

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Hello Robert, tnx for all. It’s rainning, snowing now in my aera, as soon as wx is good, i 'll go up a summit and will look forward to have some more qso with URB and get the 100 endorsement award! 73’s and cu soon.

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Really nice idea.
I’ve only done 13 QSO with Robert.
I need SOTA working more often.
I live 150 kms West from Gérald but weather si the same.
73 QRO

Dear (Sali) Robert
Beautiful award! I was quiet surprised when I got the award for free and with No.-001. I will soon go to the Vosges and hopefully activate some new ones for you and the other SOTA-Chasers!
Tks es 73 de HB9BIN, Juerg

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hi juerg, tell me when you come onto vosges, i will try to come with you with pleasure !! best 73

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Hi Robert, I got mine in the letter box yesterday 13/02/2014 with number 008.
I am very proud about it.
See it there:

or here

Gerald F6HBI