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dl3sba picture

Hi Lutz,

About your foto - picture,

and question:

I only have had this single visitor at the very hot summer day. I need your help, what kind of insect could it be?

I think it is a parasitic wasp - Gasteruptiidae ichneumon … or at least a family of the insect.

For the correct name we have to look further.


In reply to ON6DSL:

Hi Luc,

thank you for your help and reply. I have thought that it could be some kind of dragonfly. But you are right it must be an Ichneumon wasp (in German: Schlupfwespe). With the help of google I have found some similar wasps wich belongs to the subfamily Poemeniinae. I have never seen such a animal before!
Thank you very much for your help!

73 Lutz

In reply to DL3SBA:
Hi Lutz,

She is tall and looks dangerous…but the are harmless to humans.
In Belgian (North) = Vlaams : Sluipwesp (in German: Schlupfwespe)