Dl sota

The P100 review and update of the DL (German Alps) SOTA association is not complete.

Potential activators of DL SOTA summits, please note that summits currently listed on SOTAwatch, the Database and the DL ARM may NOT be valid for SOTA. When the review of summits is complete, and the lists agreed, changes will still be effective as from 1/1/09 as originally announced.

The SOTA Database may initially accept activator and chaser claims for such summits, but will automatically remove them if they do indeed become set as invalid from 1/1/09.

Activations in the DL association are few and far between, but potential activators should contact the AM to confirm whether their intended summit is P100 qualifying, or under threat of removal.

73, Tom M1EYP
obo SOTA Management Team

In reply to M1EYP:


happy new year to you, too.

The usual DL activators know already well from our DL AM which summits are challenged and which ones are not, so there should not be a problem at all.

Visiting activators pse be aware that the DL-AM info on the SOTA website is incorrect. If in doubt or planning activations, ask the DL-AM DD1LD, Dzianis.

As to what you call “Activations in the DL association are few and far between”: In 2008 there have been 164 activations by 9 activators leading to about 18000 chaser points in 2800 QSOs

Gerd, DF9TS.