Dl/on6dsl/p dm/rp.... marathon-dl-tour

Dear sota friends, Om’s,

First a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.

Activation date: WEDNESDAY - 02 JAN. 2008

DM/RP-016 arrival approx ± 09.00 UTC. (Wx and driving time dep.) QRV only ± 1 h at ref.

Then up to DM/RP-036. QRV only ± 1 h at ref.

Up to DM/RP-046. QRV only ± 1 h at ref.

If Wx and time and SLAB’s OK, then going also to DM/RP-037. QRV only ± 1 h at ref.

To all - PSE QUICK QSO’s

Using callsign DL/ON6DSL/P
QRG 7.090 - SSB ± QRM

Nick ON3DSN NOT QRV … NOVICE lic.! But is with me on the tour.

Notice: All times maybe sooner or later Wx dep. and driving time between sota places!