DL now has 4 metre chasers until Aug 31st

A day earlier than expected the regulator BNetza has released 70.150-70.180 for Amateur home station use under similar restrictions to 50MHz - 25w ERP, horizontal polarisation. No /p or /m allowed all modes under 12.5KHz bandwidth.


PDF announcement document (in German) here - http://tinyurl.com/BNetza-70MHz-2017

Just looked at the UK plan.
Won’t be using 70mhz 4m as only full licencees only and its watts restricted too.

But good to see band expanding into Germany.


From the Foundation licence schedule Karl:

70.00 - 70.50
Secondary. Available on the basis of non-interference to other services inside or outside the UK
10W (10 dBW)

So you can use it at your full Foundation power level.

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Hi all,

Just a heads up for those that were not aware, we are currently enjoying excellent Sporadic E on both 50MHz & 70MHz in the northern hemisphere so now would be the time to give these bands a try.

After a dabble on 50MHz CW earlier I’m now having a listen on 70MHz & there are several DL’s audible here in IO83 on SSB & CW. Frank DH8WE can claim bragging rights (if there are any) for being my first DL on 70MHz. 25 Watts & an indoor dipole at this end, only 5 Watts at his end so your 10 Watts will be plenty Karl :slight_smile:

As for bands you are not allowed on with a foundation licence, unless you are dabbling with microwaves or VLF the bands you should avoid are:
472KHz (600m)
5.3MHz (60m)
1.296MHz (23cm)

Between 1.810MHz (160m) & 146 MHz (2m) your power limit is simply 10 Watts. On 430-440MHz (70cm) it is 10W ERP.

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Please note if you want a DL chaser to your SOTA activation (like 6 metres, portable operation on 4 metres is not allowed in Germany - so no DL activations on 6m or 4m), you’ll need to be quick as the temporary allocation of 4m in Germany ends on August 31st. this year.

Also to give you a chance of getting a contact, please don’t forget that we only have 70.150 - 70.180 here and if using SSB it’s upper side band, so effectively only 70.150 - 70.177MHz.

The other restrictions are horizontal polarisation only and a maximum of 25 watts PEP. The power and polarisation and no portable operation restrictions are the same for 4 metres and 6 metres.

If someone is planning a 4 metre activation and looking for a chaser contact from DL, drop me a private email and I’ll do my best to get on and work you.

73 Ed.

Hi Ed,
Polarisation won’t matter if you chase DX as E’s scatters the polarisation. 25 W PEP to a dipole @ 7 m should give good results over 900-1,800 km.

Good Luck.


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On 4 metres a 2 or even 3 element beam (or a Moxon) is small and light enough to be used portable by activators outside of Germany.

From here on the odd occasions I’ve got on 4 metres when E’s were about,
I have heard, but not worked, Finland and Greece as they were “out of band” for me.
I have however worked into Malta, Romania, Spain and of course Germany.

So in all directions I seem to have a good take-off with my 2 elements on 70MHz.

Still haven’t heard anyone from the UK, but there’s an activity contest coming up I think, so I’ll be listening.


Hi Ed,

Finland and Greece are very respectable distances as will G be if you make it. Crossband possible for some?


Finland and Greece are stations I have heard but as they were outside of 70.150 - 70.180 I was unable to work them - maybe next time …

Cross band 4m - 6m contacts do happen as do contacts between the different 4 metre frequency allocations. Often set-up via the chat room at http://www.on4kst.com

73 Ed.

Bit off topic Ed, but surprising to hear so many DL contesters on 6m when it’s not within the terms of their access to the band, same as operating /p

No problem with contest operation from Germany on 6 metres (fixed stations) Steve. The national soceity DARC even run 6 metre contests.

Restrictions on 6m (and 4m)

  1. no portable operation
  2. maximum ERP 25W
  3. Restricted frequency band - 6m 50.0-51.0MHz (i.e. not 50-52 or 50-54 as in some other countries).
    - 4m 70.150-70.180MHz (all access stops at midnight August 31st 2017).
  4. Horizontal polarisation only.
  5. Class A (Full) licensees only.

Maybe it’s my rusty German Ed but I thought contesting wasn’t OK. You are better placed than me to interpret the rules. Hope to hear you on Gehrenberg in July, I will be driving from Rotterdam to Bamberg and hope to activate on the way.

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Hi Steve,
as I’m organising the activation, I suspect there’s only a limited chance of me getting on the Mic from Gehrenberg!

I’ve just searched around and found on the DARC band plan that it says no contest operation. Given that the DARC organise contests on 6m and produce the band plan, this is very confusing!

By the way, correcting an earlier point - DL 6m is 50.030-51.000MHz not 50-51.

Ah I think I’ve found the issue - the Band plan that says no Contest operation is from 2014 and it’s probably out of date as that was the period up until the end of 2015, the band was seen as a temporary allocation (as 4m is at the moment).

I’ll see if I can find a copy of the current bandplan.

By the way, brining this back a bit on to topic. 4 Metres is currently wide open, LA OH and ES stations are booming in here.

73 Ed.

UPDATE: Just found the 2017 version of the DARC 6 metre band plan and it still says no contest operation on the side of the document but there’s a revised conditions for 2017 section with the maximum power is no longer 25W ERP it is now 25W PEP, and in the revised conditions no mention of a contest operation ban or that one has to use vertical polarisation - so it looks like those conditions were dropped from 2016 to 2017.


Sounds like you need to speak to someone in DARC liaison for clarification Ed, to be sure, assuming you are a member.

73 Phil

No longer a member of DARC and no intention to rejoin.

BNetza (the government regulatory department) are very easy to approach and I have found, always very helpful. I may have a word with them at Friedrichshafen.

As I’m not taking part in 6m contests at the moment (which is what prompted this diversion of the thread), it’s not an urgent matter for me.

One point I will ask BNetZa about is whether portable operation will become possible on 50MHz soon or not, as I’d love to get out and do some 6m SOTA activations within Germany (I’ve attempted one from Austria but with no contacts).


Ref 4Mtrs (70Mhz.) 18/11/2017

I am now active on this band and able to chase Activators using FM only. I have an Anytone AT-588 with up to 50W output. My Antenna is a Moon raker 5/8 Vertical up at around 30ft. My Locator is I072RC on the West coast of Wales. Activity is very low in this area but I have managed to work a few stations. When in the shack the radio is on constant scan mode.

73’ Don GW0PLP

Good to know Don. Your signal on 2m is always impressive, so 4m will be good to try.



Look forward to working you on 4mtrs.


To avoid any confusion from the title of this thread - DL DO NOT have 4 metres any more. If we’re lucky perhaps for 3 months again next year. Most likely still no portable operation allowed).



No problem fully understand the situation over there. Lets hope things change long term soon.