DL/CG-046 (Kampenwand) activation today

Hi, apologies for the intermittent transmissions today on DL/CG-046 (Kampenwand). Conditions were somewhat windy and I should have secured the pole more securely. I ended up holding it between my knees! Initially I thought the fault was a partial break in my co-ax lead. Thanks for feedback but I couldn’t identify the fault but still managed a few QSOs. Got quite cold so we quickly dismantled the rig and fled the summit. All packed for the flight tomorrow but hope I’ll get it identified and repaired before next day out.

Thanks for patience today.


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Nice one.
But well done for trying.

Thought that voice sound some what out of place for a German summit.
Thanks again for another one.

Not just that, others calling over you while trying to finsh a qso and exchange reports while you had problems.