DL/AL-011 and AL-010 today

Hi everybody,

many thanks again to all who called in today and my apologies for the sudden qrt from AL-010 which was neccessary for safety reasons. Contrary to my plannings the activations had to be made in reversal order.

Unfortunately wx was not stable enough (rainshowers and a thick layer of fog which suddenly started to move up and caught me almost by surprise on AL-010)

73 Bernhard, DL4CW

In reply to DL4CW:
I am very glad to have qso’d you from AL-011, and your sigs on 10MHz were solid here 549 all the time. (Was qrl when you were in 010). The band condx on HF were “very poor” (K-index 7, which makes a lot of trouble for us in Norway). Thank you for using 10 MHz :-). You were my only SOTA contact today.
I hope that I can make my own very first SOTA-expedition to LA/RL-023 before the real bad wx starts here - but I am still waiting for some equipment that is ordered.
Good luck and cuagn
Mike, ex DJ8EP

In reply to DL4CW:

Hi Bernhard

I think that all chasers will understand the reasons for you leaving AL-10 early due to bad weather. Your safety must come first and we will copy you from there another time. Thank you for activating 2 x 10 pointers in one morning.

I echo the comments made by Mike LA5SAA - thank you for using 10 MHz. At my QTH 40m was almost unusable today due to heavy QRN, so I monitored 10118 KHz and was lucky enough to catch you with a good signal on both summits.

Many Thanks 73