Reading CW-QTC in Funkamateur 09/19 I saw this sad message that Manfred passed away in June 2019

I remember Manfred very well in the chaser pile ups also as an activator and met him several times in Friedrichshafen at the Sota meeting point at the QSL wall.

RIP Manfred

Here a google translate from

In deep sadness we have to say goodbye to our longtime secretary and board member Manfred, DK7ZH. His death tears a big hole and leaves us stunned.

Manfred got his first amateur radio license in 1980, since 1984 he has been on the tapes under the call sign DK7ZH, both on HF and VHF / UHF. As a radio operator, he achieved many high honors, many of the AGCW and the DIG, to which he belonged until 2009.

Already at the beginning of his amateur radio career, he came to AGCW-DL in which he was committed for years as a secretary and board member. In this capacity, he was practically around the clock in use. Many member inquiries and actions, such as the dispatch of hooded sweaters and baseball caps, were managed by him confidently and answered by return mail. Additionally Manfred evaluated the VHF / UHF contest of the AGCW-DL. A stint that is hard to beat. The Board of AGCW-DL praised Manfred’s commitment by appointing an honorary member.

Manfred was secretary to the good soul of the AGCW-DL. Through his friendly and optimistic manner, he was able to constantly smooth the waves and make the right sound, even in controversial matters. In difficult times, he held the AGCW together and sat down passionately for the goals of the club. For many friendly radio amateurs, he was something of the face of the AGCW and tirelessly demonstrated presence. The Ham Radio, Interradio, the Funk.Tag as well as the amateur radio flea market in Dortmund were fixed dates, in which he publicly represented the AGCW. Anyone who got to know Manfred better will also appreciate him as an excellent cook and good host.

After a short illness Manfred died on 07/14/2019 in Offenbach. On 22.07. The urn burial took place, also some OMs of the AGCW could say goodbye to Manfred here.

Our sincere condolences go to his partner Lisa, his daughter and sons, his grandchildren as well as all his friends and relatives. The board of the AGCW takes a heavy heart from Manfred farewell and will grant him a dignified memory.

Martin Gloger, DM4CW
2nd Chairman

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Very sad to hear this. Over my time in SOTA I have had 23 CW and 5 SSB QSOs with Manfred from Scotland, Madeira, Lanzarote, Czech Rep. and Poland. My last 22 Apr 2019.

RIP Manfred. Condolences to friends and family.

No good news. I already thought of a severe incidence, because I knew Manfred as a very ambituous chaser, had many contacts with him during past years but there was no call for quite a while.

What a very sad news!
Like Peter OE5AUL, I also was kind of unconsciencely missing him in my recent activations. Manfred had chased me 80 times and I chased him only once, so he was nearly a constant in my activator logs.
I’m really sorry and want to express my deepest condolences to his family and closest friends.
Rest In Peace, Manfred.



Sad news indeed! I worked Manfred quite a number of times between 2012 and 2016, always on CW. I remember he was always a good strong signal and sent excellent morse. 7ZH was not the easiest of callsigns to respond to and I am sure that I sent various similar characters over the years. He has been missed since he ceased chasing and will continue to be.

My condolences to his family. RIP Manfred.

RIP Manfred, I remember you as one of the stronger stations on my sota trips. Always a nice voice to hear.
Condolences to the relatives, Manfred will be remembered as one of the true radio amateurs.


Sorry to hear that Manfred DK7ZH is now Silent Key. My thought are with his family.

Jimmy M0HGY

As everyone here i am sad to ear about Manfred passed away.
We had 220 qso and since 27/03 this year he was no more answering my CQ!
We also exchanged mail about genealogic tree, appart CW. I am sure Manfred listen our CW from the heaven. I’ll send a special CQ for him in my next activation…
73 all and take care.
F6HBI Gerald

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6 times in the log. What a BS. :sob:


Always sad when we loose a SOTA activator and chaser. RIP Manfred.
We always apply the letters SK on the reflector to the “title” of those who participate, so that readers can see that and it should avoid the embarrassment of people replying to, commenting on or quoting posts of those who have left us. Please ensure that we are alerted to any such sad departures.

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That’s a really sad news. I was always glad to hear him calling me. Our first qso was on 2001/11/25 on 80m. But that’s life and dead.
RIP my friend.
André f5ukl