DH7FK - please reenter QSO with CT7/G4OBK/P

HI Felix

Thank you for the S2S CT/BT-001 to DM/NS-170 last week. I cannot find an e-mail address for you in QRZ.COM, hence this posting which I will delete when answered.

You entered my call minus the 7 prefix in the SOTA database so if you would like the “magic asterisk” please re-enter the QSO again as CT7/G4OBK/P.

73 Phil CT7/G4OBK/P

Hi Phil,

thank you a lot for the hint. I just checked my paper log. There your call was correct. The error must have ocurred during the transfer to the computer. I corrected the entry in the database.
And thank oyu for the S2S!


Felix / DH7FK/P

There is a personal message feature that allows messages between users of the reflector that may be of use for this kind of subject.

Click the search icon in the top right and type the username (callsign) in the box. As you type the search results will update.

Click on the username under Users and the user’s public profile will open, then click on Private Message.

Click Private Message and then fill in the boxes and type your message.

If you receive a message a notification balloon in green will appear by the notifications button.

In this case I have 1 notification waiting for me. Click the bubble to get a list of notifications. In my case someone is waiting for approval, 2 replies to my posts have been made. If there are private messages they are shown here. You can click the title to read the private message.