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df2gn/p 4.3.2007 dm-bw-161/159


hi all,
tmrw i try to activate dm-bw-192 es 159 first time.all times are plus minus 1 hour.frequencies are the regular sota-qrg´s . times and qrg´s will be wx and contest depend.try to spotlite some qrg´s if accu from gsm is ok.antennas are time and wx-depend.if wx ok and place on summit is enough i will try with 60m-longwire and main-activity on 80m-cw/ssb (3558 + 3725).when place limited on the summits i will use only 2x10m-dipole 6m up and main activiy on 30m cw es 40m cw/ssb (10.118,7032,7068/7115).all activations starts at 10118-cw.i spotted the cw es ssb part extra,because i will change the transceivers after the cw-part.hope there is place enough for the longwire.with the 197feet longwire i use only 3watt in cw-mode es 5 watt in ssb.if wx bad i only activate bw-192 or 159 tmrw.
hpe cu on the summits…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


In reply to DF2GN:
Many thanks Klaus. Your efforts to provide a readable signal are very much appreciated.

Your CW signals today, from your 3 watts and 60m antenna, were received at 579 on 10.117 MHz from BW-192 and BW-159, and 559 on 7.032 MHz from both these SOTA’s.

My antenna is a simple Butternut vertical and it is always a pleasure to copy your most reliable signals.

73 Roy


Hi Klaus

I’ll second that. Your signals on 40m were as strong as the German stations who were calling you… 599 with QSB on my G5RV… no copy on 10MHz for me though.

…and thanks for sending my report again. My CW gets so rough in the excitement of a new summit… and then I forget to write down the report!.. anyway tnx for sending it again.

73 Marc G0AZS


Hi Klaus,

Many thanks for all the points you’ve given me sofar. I still have a long way to go so hope there will be many more to come.
Hope to improve my CW speed so I won’t hold up other members too long when they’re waiting to contact you.
My G5RV or HF6V butternut and 10w from Icom 703 have been doing better than expected


peter, ON3WAB/ONL5923


In reply to ON3WAB:
My thanks as well Klaus. For your patience with my terrible CW, and the 10 points that gave me the 1000 point Shacksloth. I really enjoy working you on 10mhz. I seem to find your signals easier to copy and the band is less crowded. My antenna is a random wire at about 8ft high and 35ft long. Not very efficient, but the best I can do and it seems to get the job done.
Look forward to improving my CW qso’s with you.
Quentin GW3BV


Hi all,
and thanks for infos abt my signal.the infos are very usefull for me.i think the 60m / 197feet Longwire works good.The big minus is,that this antenna needs much place and takes a lot ot time to hang it up.not on all summits i have the place or trees which are high enough.this antenna works super on 30m es 80m with big-signals,but on 40m the sigs aren´t as good as on my 20m-wire or the 2 x 13m dipol.but the most important band is 40m,so i must make more antenna experiments in future,hi.Quentin,big congratulations to reach the shack-slot status.You called me 1 second before i want to qsy to 40m after i send the info to roy,G4SSH that i will change to 40m-cw.but most times i wait a while with the qsy to listen on the band.so i hear your call with a good signal.the speed of cw comes with the time.and the speed is not the most important thing in qso.i like both qso-modes.the fast qso´s with friends to speak a little bit on cw and the slow qso´s with newcomers.i was also a newcomer to cw a few years before. 30m-cw is my band, which i like most,because there is not much qrm and no contests. and with qrp and cw you can work the whole world on 30m.today mni stations frpm LY/UA calls me on summit, with my 3watt i get good reports.Today i have also my first qso with M1EYP.this qso´s makes me really happy.today i logged 124 QSO´s from DM/BW-192 es DM/BW-159.Not bad for 3 watts i think…hope to catch you and all other chasers agn on sota.And if my cw to fast,pse ask “pse qrs”,and i will come back on your speed.other chasers will wait for a few seconds more i think

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


Hi lbr Klaus,

Congrats zum ufb Erfolg!
Ich war auf HE508 und konnte Dich von BW192 ufb auf 80m-SSB hören.
Leider konntest Du mich nicht aufnehmen.
Die Pile-ups werden immer größer, man braucht immer mehr Zeit
auf dem Summit…hi

Alles Gute und vy73 de Fritz DL4FDM


In reply to DL4FDM:
hallo Fritz,
schade,aber hatte dich leider nicht gehört.Dafür warst du ja später umso lauter,hi.Auf 1837khc habe ich dich dafür mit 539 hören können,aber du mich wohl nicht.Hatte Probleme mit Spannungsüberschlägen in den Drehkos meines Z-Matches und deshalb rief ich nur mir 1 Watt.Habe das dann aber gleich aufgegeben :wink:

tschüss und bis zum nächsten Mal…73 Klaus


In reply to DF2GN:

Sri Klaus, my reply is on your latest posting by mistake.

vy 73 de Mike GW0DSP


Hi all,
today i´m free from qrl.so forecast says wx ok,so i go sota :wink: i will go in the area called "home of the 10 times 1000´er.a area with 10 summits over abt. 1000m asl.who are very closed to each other and 5 of them with sota-ref…not the hardest ones,but why not activate them ?,hi.i try to start tour on dm-bw-053 at 0900utc and hope to activate also bw-042 and bw-045.if the qso rate not so high at a weekday i look for bw-043 after if time enough.The starting qrg is 10118,then 7032 ( 7031 ), 7115-ssb and 3558 ( 80m only if i not work the regular chasers from HB9 on 40m . i post here especially for the chasers in ssb-mode because its not easy to work in ssb under the broadcast-qrm.after the 40m-cw part i will call on 7115-ssb in the bc-qrm and after i will look for a clear qrg from 7060-7070 and call a few cq´s .another reason for the infos here is,that i have problems with my gsm-phone and only send a few spotlites. the accu is down fast if temperatures aren´t warm.think i must buy a new one.also helpfull are spots from chaser work me on ssb .with CW i have no problem to find a clear qrg.but on ssb its very hard ! any tips/infos from other ssb-activators ?
ok tmrw 10118-cw > 7032-cw > 7115-ssb > 7068-ssb? > 3558-cw?

73 Klaus


In reply to DF2GN:
Many Thanks for the 30 CW points today Klaus. Your signal reports on my vertical antenna were:-

BW-053 229 on 30m 339 on 40m
BW-042 579 on 30m 559 on 40m
BW-045 579 on 30m 559 on 40m

Conditions were very poor early in the morning, hence the low reports for the 0930 activation, but the other two summits gave me your usual signal strengths, with 30m, as usual, being a great band into the UK



In reply to G4SSH:
hello , thanks to you Roy es GW0DSP Mike for reports of my signals.Thanks Mike for nice E-mail.Want to answer earlier , but after my summit-tour with 7 hours of walking,setup antennas,operating es walking…and 120min of cardrive at home agn,i lie a little bit on my sofa and wake up 3 hours later ;-)and now after typing 147 Qso´s in the database,loading pictures to Flickr ,the sota-work for today was done,hi.on DM-BW053 i used a 20m-LW up about 12m inv.v. with simple 5m-radial,at DM/BW-042 same antenna but with 2 radials at feedpoint with 20 and 10mtrs.at the last one BW45,i used a dipole 2 x 13m as inv.V. up 6m in feedpoint.feeder was 300ohm symetric , tuned with z-match.and after today my antenna - test are finished. the 60m-LW only if place and time,the 20m-LW standard antenna for 30-40-80 which only needs 1 point to hang up and the dipol,i think the best antenna for 40m-work,which the minus of more space and time needed.the next activations i use the dipol and where is not much place,the 20m-LW-ant. so now i need some days of sota-break agn.must repair my z-match with one of the C´s is not ok.thanks to all chasers for work me and for super-spotting today.not often needs the spotlite today,thank you !

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN


In reply to DF2GN:

My pleasure Klaus es if you need any more reports just let me know and I will gladly do the same again for you.
I hope the z-match is an easy repair and look forward to your next activations, as will your numerous friends in the UK.

vy 73 Mike GW0DSP


In reply to DF2GN:
Hi Klaus - your sigs were same strengths on 30 and 40 (559 - 579), and much stronger on 80m (599 always) - maybe it was condx? Will send another report on another day …
73 de CRIS