Destinated to EA6

I will start a 6-days holiday-trip to Mallorca on 1st of january 2015, staying there on the northwestern side of the island

Depending on the weather conds I intend to activate some lower summits of EA6/MA-xxx group between 2. - 5th of january 2015.
My rig will be an IC 703 (10W qrp) and a dipole antenna, using 20m-band ssb mainly and perhaps some cw also.

If pileup is too big, I will call by numbers. So please be patient.

It`s worth having a look at sotawatch :slight_smile:

73s es cu, Franz


will be listening for you
Mic at the ready


Will be listening for you, Franz,
Hope for a S2S during your trip.
Key at the ready


HI Franz

Have a good trip - I will be in EA6 (Northern Mallorca) in late April so will de anxious to log you this week for the future SOTA Completes.

Happy New Year


Heinz, so do I !!! :smile:
Will inform you early enough

73, Franz

Hello Franz,

Thanks very much for all the past summits.

I hope you have a great time on holiday in Mallorca and hopefully be able to hear you! It might be worthwhile having the option, besides 20M, of 17 or 12M band if you are interested on getting DX chasers besides EU.

This morning here it was -5C - I think EA6 will be warmer :wink:


Hi Franz

Thank you for the acivity from EA6/MA-048 Fumat summit yesterday around our lunchtime. I viewed what I could see of the summit on Google Street View and chose my parking place for when I visit the same place in April when our walking group go to stay in Porta Pollensa…
Nice work OM… I hope the weather is fine for the rest of your holiday in Mallorca…

Are there are more activations planned before you leave the island?

73 Phil G4OBK

Thanks for coming on again 20m this afternoon Franz.

Happy holidays!


Hi Phil!

Will try to activate another summit on sunday or monday.
Have a look at SOTAwatch carefully.
Will send you detailed informations, helping you in april, after return home lately.

73, Franz

Thanks Franz… I will be watching carefully but I will be away from the shack most of Sunday. On Monday I’m heading for Scotland, and I hope to do an activation myself on Monday if things work out.

Thank you very much for sharing any information you will have gained from your holiday later, and I hope everything goes to paln for the reminder of your time in the island.

73 and MNI DX OM

Phil G4OBK