Deleted Spot?

To whom it may interest,

I fear that I may be opening up an age-old can of worms here, however this is not my intention. This post is not in response to a bruised ego, and it certainly is not an indulgence in a spot of MT bashing. However, I do feel it is an important point, and one worth raising. I do so in good faith.

I am grousing of course, about the spot I put up earlier on regarding the decision taken by myself to cutail a day’s worth of activating. Early on in the morning, I posted an alert indicating that I would be activating five summits. I reinforced this intention on air, though I did make mention on the second summit that only a third may be undertaken. In the event, it was decided unsafe to continue given the WX, road conditions and light levels. I was fortunate to work a good number of stations today, and many operators expressed wishes for safe travelling. I posted a spot in order that these people and anyone else concerned may be fully informed as to my safety.

It would seem that there was a spotted activation taking place when I posted my spot and it was not my intention to “clog up” the spots with something that is, at the end of the day, not a valid spot. However, there is a great emphasis on safety within SOTA and I feel I was acting accordingly and in the best interests of all parties.

Again, I’m not trying to stir up trouble, I am merely putting forward the quiet and simple suggestion that spots concerned with the safety of activators might be left in place, particularly when the spots facility is not subject to high load.

HNY to all =)

With humility and 73,

Dave M0MYA.

In reply to M0MYA:

Hi, Dave, just to let you know that I did not delete your spot, and quite agree that the spot should not have been deleted. I do not know how it got deleted but imagine that it was either a glitch or an error.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the clarification, all understood.



In reply to M0MYA:

Hi Dave,

A spot advising of an abandonment of an activation can be as important as one for an actual activation. I’ve found that many chasers take a keen interest in my progress around a series of summits, particularly so when I have been on my own. On one occasion I even received a call on my mobile from one of them enquiring of my circumstances when I was delayed.

73, Gerald

Thing is Gerald, that your phone probably rings itself silly if you’re more than three minutes late for a QRV time! You want a reputation like mine, where chasers aren’t worried at all even if you’re three hours late!


In reply to M1EYP:

Oh, how you exaggerate Tom. Paul and I only work our itineraries to the nearest 5 minutes!

73, Gerald

P.S. I’m not joking!

In reply to G4OIG:

You were 7 minutes late the other day. I, for one, was shocked!



In reply to G3CWI:

Ah well, you must be talking about a fair-weather activation done last month as the snow has held us up a lot over the last few days. We even had to change summit yesterday - now there’s a surprise… but I must admit, it has happened before and it’s always down to the weather.

73, Gerald