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Definative Ruling on Remote Receivers Please?

In reply to G3VQO:

Thankyou Les and the management team for that statement. I have no doubt that remote receivers are extremely useful in amateur radio and I myself have used the dutch one (not for SOTA I hasten to add).

Whilst I do feel the matter not to be fully resolved I accept the difficulties in even drafting a rule so I am prepared to wait as to see what other major radio organisations come up with regards such. ARRL and the RSGB will probably come up with something regarding usage for DXCC and IOTA and maybe it could be worth looking at again when it is seen what is proposed by them.

My biggest fear, is that putting things into “the spirit” of sota causes ambiguity and could lead to friction. Whilst SOTA was in essence a group of like minded friends, this was acceptable, but now SOTA has and will continue to grow into a world-wide phenomenon and therfore rigidty in the ruleset needs to be maintained.

Having said my piece, I accept that the matter has been looked into, and in a timescale that was quicker than I expected (due to time of year, logistics etc) so I thankyou for that. So as far as I’m concerned, the matter is closed with at least some guidelines which are better than nothing. It may be, and I hope it is, that there will not be any issues arising from the useage of remote receivers for SOTA, but only time will tell on that score.

Many thanks and best regards,