DD5LP/P - Thanks for all the calls

Over the last 10 days or so I have been trying to pack in as many SOTA activations as possible. Initially, because the weather has improved and I want to grab the winter bonus points, later to get out before a possible Corona Virus lock-down (Which the German and Bavarian governments now say they are trying to avoid, but who trusts politicians?).

Over the last 4 activations, the volume of chasers is as high as I would normally expect on a weekend day on a working day. I presume there are some home-office workers adding to the usual people that I work.

In any case, I have noticed less than ideal operating procedures from different operators at times - If I am already working a station or calling for a station with certain letters in their call sign, please wait. I always try to get to everyone and if band conditions or some QRM breaks a contact, I will always try again a couple of times. I realise that one chaser quite often will not hear another chaser, which is why it is important to listen carefully to what the activator says, don’t just keep calling, please.

I realise with some of you, my signal is not so strong and you have to work to make out what I am saying and I appreciate all that hard work that you put in to make the contact possible at all. I have also had some RF feedback problems recently, for which I apologise, it’s partially due to the fact that on the last few summits I have been using a loaded mobile whip on a photo-tripod and have had that a little close to the radio. While using such a small antenna makes it easier to set-up and takedown on small summits, it is a compromise and I certainly am not putting out as strong a signal as with my old fibreglass mast and dipole set-ups. So once again thanks for all the contacts but please have some patience, I try to work every station I can hear.

73 Ed DD5LP.