DD5LP/P summits today's canceled :-(

Just had a message from ED :cry:

Ed apologizes for not activating the Two DL German summits today due to car failure on way to the sites.

He just asked me if i could let you folks know.

Karl 73s

Oh dear.

I know what Ed feels like, the power steering went on my car this week. Turned out to be a sensor which I had replaced yesterday.

Today I’ve just been fitting a windscreen washer pump.

Was worried that I’d miss out on SOTA this weekend but it looks like I’m all set now provided this white stuff coming out of the sky doesn’t settle too much!

Hoping to activate both tomorrow and Sunday.

73, Colin

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Yes a 4 letter word beginning with S and ending with T comes to mind! Turbo charge stuffed! An expensive repair - plus the cost of a hire car while it’s being repaired!

I’m going to activate those two summits, plus possibly a third after I get back from the UK - of course that’s after the end of the challenge, but never mind.

73 Ed.