DC Expedition

Hi All

Just a note of thanks to all those chasers whose support with contacts and spots made my recent attack on the DC’s such an enjoyable experience. Too many to list individually, but notably amongst them G4OIG, G0RQL, G4OWG, G4OBK and G0NES who had the persistence and fortitude to work me on every one of the seven summits! S2S contacts with GW0PEB/P, G1INK/P, MA0FMF/P, GM4ZRP/P, GW6WRW/P and GW4BVE/P were much appreciated, as were the appearances of ON4CAP and ON3WAB.

Also special thanks to Gerald, G4OIG whose first-hand knowledge of the summits helped make the concise planning possible and to Don G0RQL, who arranged the fabulous weather :wink:

Conditions on 60m were exceptional, the band generally being very quiet and stable compared to recent performance. 80m was still suffering the mid-day blues, and put in a very poor showing for some of the afternoon activations - in fact on Kit Hill DC-003 at 1200z on Tuesday it was to all intents and purposes dead, with not a single station being copiable across the band and 10 minutes of calling proving fruitless. Apologies to anyone who was looking for me.

I enjoyed it so much, plans for the next “bag a region” expedition are now underway - watch this space!

73 de Paul G4MD

In reply to G4MD:

Hi Paul
Thank you for all your efforts and was pleased that I was able to be here to make contact on all seven and you had a safe return home, I look forward to your next expedition.
Don [G0NES]