DB7MM/P on DM/BM-046

I would like to thank Brian G8ADD for alerting Thomas to a portable station this morning @ 11.41 utc
Myself and Dave M0IBC were out testing an end fed antenna on Walton Hill , Unfortunately not near the trig , so not valid for SOTA .
Much appreciated

You’re welcome, Gez. The tradition of SOTA is that the Chasers try and help the Activators where possible. You were a good signal, by the way - but if it wasn’t for my local trees I would probably see Walton Hill on the horizon!


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thanks for the QSOs today. I assume I have heard you or David alreay on 11:39. But a SV-station fooled me by coming back when I was explicitely asking for a portable station. Later this was happening a second time by another station.
Please, dear chasers, keep the frequency clear once I am asking for portable stations unless you are really portable. With often limited power and antennas portable stations really need your cooperation to be heard in a pileup. I know a large majority of chasers is very cooperative regarding this but a small minority still spoils the others’ efforts.

By the way: I apologize for the wrong spot from DC1TRX on 11:18. As DC1TRX was sending a correcting spot on 11:19 I assume this was not a too large issue.
We were doing a joint activation and DC1TRX was doing 40m and me 20m. So apart from 2 S2S and another chaser-QSO I did not work on 40m.

Finally: It is really a pity DM/BM-046 will be deleted once DM is converted to P150. So this was propably my last activation of this summit. In fact this one requires more effort to activate than DM/BM-047 nearby. But of course this is not considered by some rule which was never appropriate for DM.

73 de Michael, DB7MM


It is a shame when a favourite summit is lost: we will soon lose G/SC-012, Swyre Head, a most attractive viewpoint on the south coast, but a re-survey shows that it is just under the minimum prominence so it must go. These things happen, and not just in DM, but if you are going to make exceptions you might just as well not have a rule.


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Hello Brian,

in Germany, unfortunately, 2/3 of all summits will be deleted, not only
one summit. Of the 10 nearest summits around my QTH only 2 will be left
with P150. So in future I have to drive much larger distances by car to
reach summits. How will that look like in the future? I will not make
always a day trip for SOTA. Instead, I will resort to alternatives such
as WFF or GMA.

73 de Thomas, DC1TRX

Interesting have heard of people moving earth and rocks to make a hill into mountain status.

Would a JCB be helpful here to move the prom in middle lower.

But thanks to you it has been clocked twice.
Just a thought no doubt sota has always had the prom rule of 150m.
Perhaps some one could start another sota type thing off on where the summits have to have min prom of 100m, but no more than 150m.

Would have thought have to be bit different to sota of course and award system unless somebody has done it already.

Just a thought


Yes, been done already Karl. It’s called “HEMA” in the UK, and that is precisely for 100-149m prominences. In Germany, and possibly other places too, it’s called “GMA”, and I think any hill with a name on a map can be in that - no other rules. I don’t think there’s much activity in either scheme though, not compared to SOTA anyway.