DB7MM on DL/AL-001 vs. DM/BM-302 on 02.07.2015

Apologies to all chasers confused by my DL/AL-001 spots today. As spotting DM-summits was not possible for some time (see Reflector topic) I used DL/AL-001 in order to get a spot through. I hope all have read the comments giving the correct reference DM/BM-302. As I was also giving DM/BM-302 often on air, confusion should be limited.
All chasers please check, you have logged DB7MM/p on DM/BM-302.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Hello Michael, thanks again :smiley: all ok here as regards log.
Weather has changed here from being very hot 30C + to rain and thunder.
Night night