DB4020, a New kit available from EA3GCY


a few weeks back I ordered the DB4020 kit from EA3GCY, a kit radio for 40 and 20 mtr SSB, I already knew that the kit would also get optional modules for CW. Some 10 days later the main board and components arrived and I started building. The hart of the transceiver is an Arduino Nano.

The components are divided in several plastic bags.

The main board has to be populated with through hole components, some SMD is already soldered in the factory, we are speaking about some capacitors only here. Components are not very close to each other which makes soldering easy, the manual is well written and even has a 252 square page to find the place back where components have to go.

The board

Some toroids have to be wound but are quite easy to do, the instructions in the manual are quite clear how to do it.

Here you see the board almost finshed.

Board in the box

Transceiver ready, in box, ssb part. CW connector already installed :slight_smile:

Some weeks later I received the CW part of the kit, 3 modules have to be soldered, again all through hole components, the components are again in plastic bags, there is a seperate manual for this part of the kit which is again well written. I did 2 boards because I use a militairy grade tick wall box, I can’t fix some of the switches.

When buying the CW interface and filter you also get EA3GCY’s KB2 keyer, it has 4 memories, the KB2 keyer can also be used as a beacon, it has some other function too which are most interesting.

Up to now I have made some 100 qso’s with the kitradio in both SSB and CW, I get very good reports back. The transceiver gives me some 5Watts key down on 20mtr and some 8Watts key down on 40mtr, I’m sure this kind of power is more then enough to do SOTA with in CW, I’m pretty sure a lot of qso’s can also be made in SSB with this kit when one goes on sota trip.

The CW related pictures :

Here are some video’s about the DB4020 :

All in all this kit cost 180€ complete ( ssb and cw), you have to add some cost to have it send over but for something like 200€ you have a 2 band transceiver with SSB and CW, I see that like 50€ per modulationform/band. :slight_smile: An then I say, good deal.

More info can be seen on Javier’s site :

Enjoy building, I did ! :smiley:

Best 73


I can highly recommend this kit. It was pleasure to build. Javier is very helpful and a pleasure to deal with.
This is my main SOTA radio. It gives a huge sense of satisfaction activating a summit with a radio that I have built.
I added a UR6QW EQ V.1 compressor and made a metal case. Javier now offers a case for this kit.