Dayton / Xenia Hamvention SOTA Meetup

Dayton 2018 is less than 2 months away!

I think it would be awesome if we could plan an informal meetup time for SOTA enthusiasts to gather.

Perhaps we can meet at 1:30pm on Saturday, May 19th, near the Contest Station area between Buildings 2 & 3? Or if it’s raining, we can meet just inside the doors of Building 2 where it would lead to the Contest Station area.

Or if there are better suggestions please share them below.

Hoping to eyeball QSO with many new friends,

Keith KR7RK

I should be there.
Sounds like a good idea.
SOTA dinner perhaps?
I’m open.

73, Joel - KC4WZB

I am planning to be at the Hamvention on Friday and Saturday but also will attend the FDIM QRP conference at the Holiday Inn in Fairborn on Thursday. There should be some SOTA ops who attend.

Keith’s meeting location sounds fine to me. How about choosing a little used simplex frequency to coordinate on, such as 144.450 with 107.2 CTSS?

Since I will be driving from WI, I plan to do some SOTAs en route and after leaving.

Los Angeles

I will be at Hamvention and it would be great to get together.
May be we could meet after Keith’s SOTA talk.


I will be there also. We always meet up somewhere, last year by the bleachers in between buildings 2 & 3.
The time sounds good to me. Thanks for bringing it up Keith.

Martha and I will be at Dayton/Xenia again this year. We’ll be attending the FDIM event as will Scott - WA9STI. The FDIM event will keep us very busy in the evenings, but we’ll be at the hamvention on Friday and Saturday. Hope to meet many SOTA people at the hamvention.

Gary a. - W0MNA

W4PH and myself will be there. Look forward to meeting new faces and familiar calls. Dean ~ K2JB

I would love to meet up! I recognize so many of your call signs.I will be attending contest university Thursday and then the FDIM Vendor night and finally 3 days at Hamvention. Would be great to meet activators and people that have chased me in person! Hopefully something will work out. 73 Eric K0EAP formally KD0FZT

Looks like I will finally make the pilgrimage to Dayton/Xenia. See y’all there!

74, pat - KI4SVM