Dayton Hamvention?

I’m wondering if anyone from SOTA is going to the Dayton Hamvention this year (see )

I will be there all three days and Dave, W2VV may be visiting for a day. Perhaps we can all get together for dinner or something?

If you have never been, I think Hamvention might be the worlds largest ham radio convention. I have gone to Hamvention several times and really enjoy being surrounded by the 20,000+ hams that show up.


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With the present pound to dollar exchange rate I can’t see many UK residents making that trip this year, but it is certainly a pilgrimage I would like to make one day.

Have a good time and don’t forget to promote SOTA to everyone you meet. We need lots of US stations activating for SOTA when the next solar cycle finally kicks off and we get some propagation.

Hope you pick up some bargains.

Best regards Steve GW7AAV

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I’d love to go there again and maybe I will some day. I made the trip in 2002 when my boss fixed some meetings either side of that weekend, and as I needed a car for business, it was an easy route deviation. As you say Tom, big - it took me two days to get round everything.
jim g0cqk

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If Fredo, F4EMK can get me a Drapeau SOTA Super (SOTA flag) in time, then I will have it mounted to my backpack as I go round the fest. I was inspired by Roger’s videos…
Ive seen everything at Hamvention, including a chicken with ATV on its back, a giant laser, a man in a spacesuit and an HF pack guy with 20 foot mast w/giant top hat and packer amp…I will fit in just fine :slight_smile:

Eventually I want to sign the mountain name and date on the flag each time I climb one.


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If you think the dollar pound is bad you should see how much my holiday in Germany is costing his Summer. Ouch!

MM0FMF/A (IO78 square)

I will be there for the three days plus a day either side so would be happy to meet up!

e-mail me off reflector.