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Dayton 2019 Hamvention SOTA Meetup

Have a good - and above all - safe, trip Pat.

and the same wish to all travelling to Hamvention, a safe trip - better an hour late than never to arrive!!

I just realized my ability to engage with everyone at the informal gathering will be constrained, as I am giving a SOTA presentation at Ham Radio 2.0 in the Volta Building at 2 pm. So just enough time to quickly say hi to all gathered.

Of course, you all are welcome to attend my presentation ;-). The last part will include some “blue sky” prognostications for the future. As a teaser, I will just say that folks may be interested in what I suggest on the last slide in particular…

73 and safe travels to all, Paula k9ir

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I plan to be there. Originally a meetup on Saturday afternoon was planned. Is that still in the works, or will we all just meet at the SOTA Forum on Saturday morning at 9:30 am?

So now we have two SOTA events in the forums, the 0930 forum and the presentation in the Ham Radio 2.0 Forum. Cool!
Scott WB8ICQ

That’s great Paula. Wish I could be there. This is a working weekend for me unfortunately.

Will your presentation slides be available after Hamvention for us non attendees to enjoy?

GL …Steve/wGOAT

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I will verify with Ward Silver (who has organized the HR 2.0 agenda), but I see no reason to not share the slides afterward. Is there a location on the SOTA website appropriate for that?

As noted earlier, Saturday morning is the SOTA forum, moderated by KR7RK. The Hamvention forums are a great venue and tend to draw big audiences, so we should see some greater interest in SOTA as a result. I hope to see everyone there.

Even nicer, all 3 activities are at different times on Saturday, so no conflicts!

73 Paula k9ir

We were lucky the Hamvention wasn’t two weeks later That whole area got hit by Tornadoes just before midnight last night:


Lets hope no more that the so far declared one death occurred.

Looks like Hara is not feeling too well. It could be the end of it? Drone footage of whats left.