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Dayton 2019 Hamvention SOTA Meetup


Have a good - and above all - safe, trip Pat.

and the same wish to all travelling to Hamvention, a safe trip - better an hour late than never to arrive!!


I just realized my ability to engage with everyone at the informal gathering will be constrained, as I am giving a SOTA presentation at Ham Radio 2.0 in the Volta Building at 2 pm. So just enough time to quickly say hi to all gathered.

Of course, you all are welcome to attend my presentation ;-). The last part will include some “blue sky” prognostications for the future. As a teaser, I will just say that folks may be interested in what I suggest on the last slide in particular…

73 and safe travels to all, Paula k9ir


I plan to be there. Originally a meetup on Saturday afternoon was planned. Is that still in the works, or will we all just meet at the SOTA Forum on Saturday morning at 9:30 am?

So now we have two SOTA events in the forums, the 0930 forum and the presentation in the Ham Radio 2.0 Forum. Cool!
Scott WB8ICQ


That’s great Paula. Wish I could be there. This is a working weekend for me unfortunately.


Will your presentation slides be available after Hamvention for us non attendees to enjoy?

GL …Steve/wGOAT


I will verify with Ward Silver (who has organized the HR 2.0 agenda), but I see no reason to not share the slides afterward. Is there a location on the SOTA website appropriate for that?

As noted earlier, Saturday morning is the SOTA forum, moderated by KR7RK. The Hamvention forums are a great venue and tend to draw big audiences, so we should see some greater interest in SOTA as a result. I hope to see everyone there.

Even nicer, all 3 activities are at different times on Saturday, so no conflicts!

73 Paula k9ir