Daylight Savings Time

Most of Europe moves to Daylight Savings Time in the early morning of Sunday March 30th. Alerts and logs are entered in UTC so please don’t forget this.


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VK2 goes off daylight time on the 6th of April.

So now there is a 2 hour shift in social activities between us :frowning:

But it might improve our access times for NA activations.


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Just an observation - it looks as if the SOTAwatch2 Spots page has jumped to daylight Savings, whereas the system time at the top of the page is still in UTC. A bit confusing when an old spot shows as being up, even though UTC is not there yet!


Peter VK3PF

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Hi Peter,

This is an issue each time DST changes, to correct it does require a manual tweak of various settings by the sysop which is usually done within a couple of days.

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Yeah. The other thing you’ll find (possibly after SOTAwatch has been re-booted) is that the colour-coding of spots goes wrong during the hour between BST midnight and UTC midnight…

Ideally, SOTAwatch would ignore BST completely, and run on UTC all year…

73, Rick M0LEP (who’d like the UK to run on one time zone all year round and not play silly bees each spring and autumn…)

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vk5 turns back the clocks next weekend 6th April .Not that it matters as we work in UTC time. May not be able to linger longer on the summit around twilight as long.
de Ian vk5cz …