Day pack recommendations?

My new daypack came today:

It’s another 3F UL Tutor 26, which I already own:

As soon it looked like they might stop making it, I bought a spare.
73 de OE6FEG

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I owe you an update on this topic.

I finally went for the Solognac X-ACCESS 45L (Decathlon):


  • Large 45L capacity
  • Side pocket to carry a pole
  • Front opening can be opened almost all the way
  • Plenty of straps, attachement points including below the bag (e.g. for a mat)
  • Possibility to add capacity via additional, dedicated pouches
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • System to carry a riffle can be used to carry a long pole (e.g. 1m long) with not much impact on comfort or other features of the bag (it’s a special pocket between the bag and the back, not using the side pocket).
  • Side opening to access the bottom of the bag
  • Two very large belt pockets
  • Hydration bladder compliant (I don’t use this feature though)
  • Price


  • 1.4kg - this is not a lightweight bag
  • Only Camo and green colors and overal military look - I quite like the green color but wouldn’t go for the camo version
  • Side pocket on one side only - I prefer to have 2: one for the pole, one for a bottle of water
  • Back system is quite basic; I wouldn’t use this on technical, or very long hikes (I have another bag for this anyway).
  • A pole in the riffle carrying system could easily be mistaken for an actual riffle by passers by!

All in all I am satisifed. I took this bag on quite a few outings, including with family, and I could dump my radio equipment and plenty of other items in it. I am not afraid to scratch it or drop it on wet soil. The confort is more than good enough for my use.


Just upgraded to the Osprey Talon 22. I’ve recently started attempting to make as many MTB SOTA activations versus just hiking. I was using a Camelbak M.U.L.E. but quickly ran out of room for MTB kit in addition to radios. The Talon 22 is a full-sized pack for MTB and general outdoors. It has a bladder sleeve plus room for a couple antennas, the MTR kit and throw line in addition to spare tube, pump and toolkit for the bike. 2M HT rides in a side pouch with a hand mic on the chest strap.


Having a day off today and walked into Tiso Outdoor shop in Inverness. I came away with this and £100 lighter. It would seem to be my dream SOTA sac. May be found cheaper on L-line, but 20 minutes playing about with it in the shop was worth a few extra ££.

It’s a Salewa 36l Alp Mate. Weight 1100g.

It has an air back
Lots of adjustability
The whole front opens, allowing access to kit.
It has a waterproof cover attached to the base, inside a cover
It has hydration compatibility
Hip belt, slightly padded
Chest strap

In the bottom pic from base up:
Warm layer, waterproof jacket
First aid kit
Battery, KX2 inside plastic bag
Orange bag contains inverted V and EFHW, feeder, 49:1
Plastic bag containing pegs, pencils, sharpener, string, velcro, tie wraps etc
Lid contains gloves head torch, batteries, compass, knife, Smidge, sanitiser, tissues, bags for tissues
Map is in a pocket down the back of the sac.
Plenty of room left for food and water.

I’ll let you know how I get on with it tomorrow!

Cheers, Fraser


OK, I’m sold.

I went with the Ortovox Peak 45 and I love it.
It’s slim enough for afternoon trips and big enough to do light overnights and more serious mountains. I carry my fiberglass mast in the diagonal ski position with a Voile strap at the bottom to keep it from sliding down. It has plenty of attachment options for things like skis, snowshoes, crampons, ice axe, poles, rope… I use the loops on the shoulder straps for handheld radios. Zpper all the way around allows access to the bottom of the pack without pulling everything out.