Datebase problem?

Trying to get into the SOTA database since 13:00 but it just times out, now 17:20.

:0( Millennium bug strikes nine years late?

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It’s fine here Steve, instant access.

Maybe my RF has killed your PC;-)


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Its fine here - you`re not still using that Sinclair ZX are you?

Getting in Okay from work and was not having any problem with any other site apart from the database. Using the link on the top of SOTAwatch pages. Will have a go from home in the morning. Clicking on the link nothing happened for about five minutes and then site timed out message came up.

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No I am using a Commodore Vic 20 with the 8k RAM cartridge ;0P

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using a Commodore Vic 20 with the 8k RAM cartridge

Luxury! I using my Acorn System 1 with a 7-seg LED display!

Actually it didn’t work first time for me and I got a timeout. I hit reload and it’s been fine since.

Load on the server, load on the hosting companies routers or peering issues. Go figure!