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The database seems to be running a lot faster now. Is it my imagination?



In reply to G3CWI:

Ah, so I see you’ve finally upgraded from that 486DX33 / Windows 3.1 machine Richard. :wink:

Can’t say I’ve found it any faster here - it’s been very good since the change of server which was some time ago. Maybe my system is “maxed out” and I now need an upgrade - perhaps a 3GHz dual core and an 8 meg connection doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.

73, Gerald G4OIG

In reply to G4OIG:

It was me! It was me! :slight_smile:

Actually it wasn’t! I have uploaded a very small change to the database system but that is only accessed by the MT. I haven’t seen any change myself. If there has been any material improvement then it will be as a result of something changing at the hosting company.

However, I’ll hijack this thread to ask that if anyone wants to ask about the database, suggest changes etc. then they can contact me either from the contact page at the SOTA website or by email to mm0fmf_sota AT intermoose.com (fix the AT of course). Please put the word DATABASE in capitals in the subject line so I can filter it from the gazillion other emails I receive.

If you want to discuss anything then this thread would seem ideal. I know many people want to see the return of the confirmation marker and that is a high priority for me. There are other management issues that need resolving too. Please bear in mind that I do have a life, like to play SOTA and have other interests that make some demands on my time. Also I suffer from the affliction called WORK (it’s Saturday pm and I’m in the office now :frowning: ), so that too eats into the time available to play with database.

Andy, MM0FMF
Database manager

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Hi Andy, I’ll be the 1st to take you up on your offer.

How do you edit a log once it’s submitted, I need to add another callsign to my log from yesterday? Simply edit the .csv and re submit it?? I’m not at home so can’t try it but it would be nice to know?



In reply to MM0TAI:

I’ll be the 1st to take you up on your offer.

Well, 1st on the reflector, a fair few emails have landed in my inbox.

You are correct in your assumptions. There is no edit facility. Download your entered log as CSV (if you don’t already have a CSV log), edit it, delete the offending activation, resubmit CSV file.

Sounds long winded but takes no time really.


In reply to MM0FMF:
A bug tracker would probably be helpful. There are some hosted ones if you can’t be bothered installing and maintaining it.