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Database Updates.

I’ve done a couple of database updates recently.

  1. The activator and chaser awards display now shows the association code along with the association name. This is a big help with the US associations where the name is just USA. Now it shows W6 - USA for example.

  2. First activation details. This has been the bane of my inbox for sometime. I can understand why this has annoyed many people but it was a little more involved in getting a fix in place. Now when you display details for a summit (Summits>List of all Summits, select association and then region, then click history for a particular summit), a new box is displayed that lists the first activator’s callsign and date of first activation. This is only on the database, it has still to be propagated to SOTAWATCH.

Still lots of outstanding bugs and features to work on. But, fool that I am, I’m always prepared to listen to any new requests that anyone has. As long as you accept that your priorities and mine may well differ!

Andy, MM0FMF
Database Manager.

A big “Thank you” for your ufb work on the database!
Martin DF3MC

Hello Andy,

Thanks for you job on the Database.
I noticed a bug: when i do Summits>List of all Summits and i select association and region (F and AM for myself) then i get a window with SUMMIT DETAILS.

The bug is in the column “No. of Activation”.
There is one more activation scored than the reality for some summits.
For instance: F/AM-033 it shows 2 activations, but if you look to the History there is only 1.
Same bug for F/AM-124 (2 instead of 1 activation).
For F/AM-137 (6 instead of 4 activation)
and so on: F/AM-145, F/AM-148, F/AM-166

Andy, i hope that remark will be helpfull for you.

73’s Gerald F6HBI

In reply to F6HBI:

Thanks Gerald, I had forgotten about that one. When you log an activation the last thing the software does is to increment the activation count and save the callsign of the last activator. Should you delete the activation because you have some logging errors you want to fix, everything about your activation is deleted apart from this information. The result is the count gets out of step with the number of activations.

I have a script which I can run that cleans these errors up. I just haven’t run it for a while!