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Database Updates August 2016

I’ve enhanced a number of existing database functions over the past few days.

“My Activator Uniques” & “My Chaser Uniques” now give you more control over how the data is ordered and displayed. The pages act the same way, the difference being they use either your chaser log or activator log. Rod M0JLA had a number of apt and interesting suggestions dealing with how My Statistics are presented. I’ve achieved most of what he wished for via the following changes.

By default, the page will show your activation or chaser uniques or the activation or chaser unqiues for the call sign you clicked upon in the Association Uniques honour roll. The number of summits listed is limited to 500. This is to ensure that as people build significant unique scores that we don’t run out of memory building the page either on the server or your device (especially mobile phones/tablets).

Navigation options:
This will return you to the Activator/Chaser Uniques page for your association if you are logged in else the default which is England, as that is association #1.
Prev 500
Next 500:
These buttons are used to move through the list of uniques. The first access will list summits 1 to 500, each subsequent press of these buttons will move backwards or forwards by 500 summits. You can view all the uniques this way without the size of the page becoming unmanageable.

Sort options:
Uniques are displayed in the order you chased/activated them starting with the earliest.
Uniques are sorted by summitcode for each summit in alphabetical order (starts 9A, ends ZS)
Uniques are sorted by your greatest chase/activation count.

The navigation options remember your sort order, changing the sort order resets you to the start of that list of uniques.

Summit Reports:
The database maintains significant amounts of information about each summit. Not only its position, height etc. but also activation history. The displayed activation history used to be limited to a list of activators sorted by activation date with the guarantee that the first listed activator was genuinely the activator with the first recorded QSO. The rest of the list order was in determinant for multiple activations on the same day. I have enhance this so that the history not only shows who activated the summit and when but also lists the logged QSO count and breakdown for the most popular bands and modes. Bands and modes not listed account for significantly less that 1% of all logged activation QSOs.

You can get to this display either by selecting “Find Summit” and enter a partial summitcode or name. The search code cannot do fuzzy matches however and the results are limited to 50 items. Or you can go to “List All Summits” and select the association and region from the dropdowns. You can sort this list by summitcode or olderst or newest activation date. From there, select “History” next to the summit you are interested in for detailed information on the summit and its activation history.

Also, the import CSV/TSV help pages have been enhanced and typos fixed thanks to suggestions from Christophe ON6ZQ.


I would like to thank Andy for following up my suggestions with something quite different which does the job even better that what I requested.

Phase 1 was extending the My Statistics lists from 10 to 25 items. This gave a much improved range with Chasers from 312 down to 43 QSOs, Chased Summits from 62 down to 18 chases and Activators Chased from 111 down to 22 activations. However, the Summits Activated list was still unhelpful, ranging from 9 times (two summits) down to 6 times (12 summits listed of the 14 activated six times).

The new version of the Unique Summits Log allows me to see very quickly and easily that I have actually activated 112 summits more than once (for what it’s worth) and only around half that number three times or more. Why do I wish to know? Because I like to activate all our “local” summits every year and this helps me keep track.

So thanks again to Andy; I’m only sorry it seems likely I will never be needing his Previous 500 or Next 500 buttons - still 143 needed and they are nearly all hard descents (it’s the knees - I don’t mind steep ascents) or a very long way from home :frowning: