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Database Update

In reply to M1EYP:

Then my English must be awfully bad. I’m terribly sorry.

Check http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php?summit=dm/sr-077 and check the DB for SR77 and tell me why the stats are not shown.

They used to show up instantly.


OK, I see what you mean. It appears that SOTAwatch has not taken an update from the Database for 2/3 weeks. This is linked to the recent problems with the Database. The Database is now on a different host with some different features, and without getting technical (I’ll leave that to GM4ZFZ and G0HJQ!) it means that some new code needs to be written to allow that communication to resume.

This is known about, and should be completed in the next few weeks by our volunteer IT experts on the MT.

I don’t think that these updates ever showed up instantly - I recall that there was a scheduled task at about 0300 every day, so it was actually the following morning before an activation would be counted on the SOTAwatch information. It would be immediate on the Database though.

Your English is excellent Norby. Are you activating LX for International SOTA Weekend at all?

Best regards es 73,



You are correct that the update is NOT working ! (but as far as I recall it always happend sometime later not instantly).

I uploaded my Activations for last Weekend just after the database came back on and they don’t yet appear at all on the Sotawatch pages.

http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php?summit=G/CE-002 should show my Activation on Sunday 22nd April and the list at http://www.sotawatch.org/summits.php?region=1 which shows own Chases and Activations has not been updated either.



You are correct that the update is NOT working ! (but as far as I
recall it always happend sometime later not instantly).

Nope, it was instantly. No delay, no batch job during the night, nothing. I always checked back as soon as I hit the OK button on the upload page.

I’m aware that not everything is back to what it used to be before. I just wanted to point out this fact after last night’s upload. No need to excuse every time that the techs are still working on it. A StillToDo list would make sense so that everybody knows what still needs to be fixed which in return should avoid additional posts about the same fact.


In reply to LX1NO:
Many thanks for all your hard work. The database is working well again. I am a novice to SOTA and now well and truly hooked as a chaser. I lould love to be an activator but not many summits can be reached by Mobility Scooter!


In reply to LX1NO:
Sorry, Norby, the person who could produce a stilltodo list is too busy doing the work, and all along he has been faced with the situation that every time he fixes a problem it reveals new problems.

All we can do is be patient and not breath down the back of his neck.

Personally, I am not updating my log until I know that everything is working well.


Brian G8ADD

In reply to LX1NO:


Gary has been working hard getting the database working on a new host. This is nearly complete.

There will now be further work to get SOTAwatch talking to the new system. I hope to get this done in spare time over the next week or so.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for everyone’s patience over the last couple of weeks.

73, Jon