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Database Update Jan 2017

I have just pushed the first update to the database for 2017.

  • Support All New Zealand
  • Improved summit history reports

I had completely forgotten to update the virtual associations when we started adding assorted ZL associations and after a prod from Warren I have now fixed this. Select All ZL from an association selection menu will group all ZL associations into one (ZL1 ZL3 ZL7 ZL8 ZL9).

The second is a change to the summit history/info report. This can be accessed from two places. You can view all the summits in a region from the “Summits>List of All Summits” menu item. Then clicking the “history” link next to a summit. Or you can use “Summits>Find Summit” to get to the page.

If you use “Find Summit” you are presented with a box where you can enter partial details of the summit name or reference. So you could enter “Norman” and you will be shown a list of about 10 summits in this case. Clicking on the “Summit Info” link takes you to a page showing you all the information about this summit as well as the first activator if there is one and a list of all other activators and the bands they used. This is the same as before exceot the list of activators is reversed, now the most recent activation is at the top. People want to know who was first and who did it last mainly and this change lets them see this quickly.

The main change is if you go to the “Find Summit” page when you are logged in. This time the list of summits has an extra column “My History”. You can still get the list of who has activated this in the past by clicking “Summit Info” as before. If you click the “My History” link then you get to see exactly the same summit info as before but the list of activators is replaced with the list of when you activated the summit or a line saying you haven’t activated it. Similarly a list of every time you have chased this summit is shown including band & mode. Again your newest chase is show first.

I fixed a bug on this page which would cause the dreaded “Object not set to a referrence…” and have just found I have introduced another (non-fatal) error which I’ll fix later!

If you spot anything not working etc. then let me know.

EDIT: some bugs and features fixed and this has now been uploaded.


Excellent work Andy.

One comment, could you add a title to the last table on the My History page - something like My Chaser History

There should be a heading there. It’s been stolen!

I’m not sure why it’s not appearing but I’ll look at that later.

Heading theft… is it a capital offence…


Indeed, punishable by beheading…


The following is missing:

lblChaseHistory.Visible = true;

from the source. I’d bang out a fix now but changes to our work Internet security model means I can’t.

A problem I see at the moment Andy
If I :-
Login to sotawatch2 http://www.sotawatch.org/
Choose summits http://www.sota.org.uk/Associations
and login again
Select wales http://www.sota.org.uk/Association/GW
then select north wales http://www.sota.org.uk/Association/GW/NW
my chases are listed but no activations are shown, if I select Snowdon it doesn’t show as activated by me.
When I login to database MY ACTIVATED REGIONS north wales shows as 100%

They’re different websites. Whilst sotawatch.org.uk and sota.org.uk can see the same raw data that sotadata.org.uk can see, the software running to build the pages you view is different. If I change the way data is shown on the database site, then nothing changes on sotawatch or sota.org.uk.

There is a new sotawatch coming… when it arrives it will do what the current one does and more. The advantage is that sotawatch will stop being it’s own website and be part of sota.org.uk, you will log in once and be able to see the spots and alerts along with the pages about the rules and association info etc.

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Missing title fixed now.

Ok Andy I didn’t know if there was a connection with your problem. All my activations are there but for gw/nw, gw/mw, gw/sw and gm/ws they have all disappeared!.

Have registered your alternate calls? It handles GW, GM, GD etc. variants. Only G/M/2 stations need to do this. It’s in your login details somewhere for the sota.org.uk website.

Micheal, this is what you should try.

  1. login to sota.org.uk
  2. click edit account at the top right of the screen
  3. scroll down and find the box marked “Alternative Callsigns”. Enter all the possible
    versions of UK call you have used, i.e. GW0HIO,GM0HIO
  4. click update settings (green button)
  5. job done - have a cup of tea

That should make things better for you.

Thank you Andy, that has fixed my problem.
Something new I missed as it had been working fine.

Earlier this month i activated TF/SV-018. May activator log does not show any bonus points. It is my understanding that seasonal bonus points would apply for activations in December through March, for TF summits that give more than one point.

73 de TF3EK

You as Association Manager should know :slight_smile:
Normally the bonus rules are in the ARM.

73, Hans PB2T

The points were missed off the sheets when they were uploaded. The fix goes in for 1st Feb. Until you did this activation I was hoping nobody would activate in TF till I done this. Nearly got away with it…

It should be sorted by Feb 2nd.

Thanks. I am hoping to activate some more this month.:slight_smile:
I could wait to upload the logs until February.

73 de TF3EK

Einar, do the activations but do not upload the logs till Feb 2nd. That way you’ll use the corrected data when you add your logs. It means there are fewer logs for me to fix too! :wink:

Einar @TF3EK

The bonus points for TF have been applied to the database. Your activation of 07/Jan/2017 on TF/SV-018 (Bláfjöll) has been rescored and you now have the bonus points.

Just to follow on from Andy’s earlier announcement, the TF winter bonus period is now set to run from 1st January until 30th April.