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conditions must be bad

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SOTA==OCD in some cases.

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The words “poacher” and “gamekeeper” spring to mind Richard.

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One question about the stars and the use for award claims is fine BUT if an activator decides to withdraw from the scheme and deletes all his logs then does that mean all the confirmed stars from him are now no longer valid for the awards, as these activators logs may no longer be available to cross reference for the MT .


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Hi Andy,

Please leave the asterisks system in place. Most of us find it useful and interesting. If some SOTA participants want to delete the QSO’s that don’t get one then so beit. I have worked many stations who are not chasers (well not yet)and so I’ll never see an asterisk for them but the QSO’s are valid. And as others have noted mistyped call signs are common enough.

We all need to remember that SOTA is not intended to be competitive. As soon as we see it in that light it’s time to walk away … literally. There are heaps of competitions with strict rules for those who cannot deal with some unresolvable details.

Please do not make any changes to SOTA it is wonderful as it is. I may never become a Mountain Goat but I shall enjoy every SOTA outing I take part in.

BTW, haven’t we have had this asterisk discussion before?


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BTW, haven’t we have had this asterisk discussion before?

Yes, Ron, I think it is a SOTA tradition! There are other traditional topics but I won’t mention them in case it sets them off again!


Brian G8ADD

If, having logged into the database, you visit your chaser log page, and scroll to the end, you will find a paragraph about confirmation stars which ends with the following:

“You do not need confirmation to claim points for the QSO.”

73, Rick M0LEP