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Database Problem (weird)


I am writing this for Barry M3PXW

There seems to be a problem with the activator database.

I just clicked on GW/NW-069 on the alerts page and it shows that the last time Holyhead Mountain was activated was on 3rd August by Barry MW3PXW/P.

I knew for a fact that Barry has never done NW-069 so I phoned him to let him know of the error and he confirmed that he has never done it and was quite concerned about it.

A quick check of Barry’s activator log shows that he has no entry for this summit whatsoever.

Can someone check this out for Barry please and remove the entry from the summit page.

73 Mike


In reply to GW0DSP:


Blame it on M3RXX… Leave it to you to weild the big stick!

73, Gerald


In reply to G4OIG:

So Greg is the culprit, Hi, I reckon we can let him off, just a pity Barry didn’t get the point, neither did Greg for that matter.

Barry has emailed Greg now so he can put the matter to rights and claim his activator point and all chasers who worked him should get their asterisks.

73 Mike


In reply to GW0DSP:

So it’s not activating by proxy then… hmm, I thought Barry had started something behind our backs :slight_smile:

73, Gerald