Database now available

The database hardware has been given a clean bill of health and everything should be working again.


Thanks Andy.
Cheers Ken

Thanks, Andy!

73, Milos S57D

Well done Andy thanks.

Terry de G0VWP

It’s nice to be thanked but… All I did was fill in the form and say “our server is not responding, can you check it please” and then check the ticket status once an hour till it was fixed.


Thanks for filling in the form Andy.


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Many tnx Andy working well again.Don’t suppose you could fill in another form and improve propagation. 73 Don.


I think propagation was just peachy today… I worked USA for the first time on 30m using a very non-DX antenna. Thanks to Matt KA1R for making sitting in the drizzle, cloud & wind so rewarding.

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Yeah, propagation is definitely on the up :slight_smile:

30m has been great for my last few activations. 20m had ear busting US stations on it yesterday but unfortunately the band was so chock full of ‘dah dit di-di-dit dah’ I couldn’t find a space, even above 14.060 :frowning: I was hoping that going later in the day, I’d get to work across the pond.

Oh yeah, the database, thanks for looking after it for us!