Hello, i noticed something curious.
When i checked “who chase me” i found a blank “call” (see picture).
later, i found that it should be written EA5JN, and i noticed that his chaser log, has blank “Call”.
How can it be left blank? Is it a bug?
73 from Gerald


I can’t remember if this is missing data in a CSV/ADIF upload or failure to complete the manual entry form. I know Andrew changed something to catch this so maybe there is another path that allows incomplete data.

Either way, I’ll fire off a note to EA5JN and a run an “update summits set owncall=‘EA5JN’…” over his logs this evening when I get home.

Hi Andy,
Just in case this is of help to you, I have just tried to manually enter a chase without writing my callsign and this is what I’ve got:

Then I clicked OK, went to see my chaser log and the chase I had just entered without my callsign was not listed.

In case you need some language help to communicate with EA5JN, just let me know.



and a run an “update summits set owncall=‘EA5JN’…
I notice on the sceenshot, that most QSO are “dupe” one with call, one without.
Hope that will do!

Its probably coming from the chaser log feature on SW3 and a missing callsign on his account, but that’s pure speculation. I’ll take a look tomorrow.

Hi !
Probably because EA5JN didn’t write his callsign.


This should not happen if the hunter is connected because the Callsign used field is automatically filled with his callsign !

73 Éric

Unless he doesn’t have a callsign in his profile…

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Along with cleaning up multiple accounts on SSO/DB I’m also working on fixing up all the accounts with missing call signs and their logs. There are 10 chasers with a missing call and about 200 chase QSOs with no callsign. I’ll look at activations once chasers are fixed.


Hello Andy,
I am back to this thread, and had a look at EA5JN chasser log.
For his last 292 chase log, there are only 8 with his own call, all the others have no chaser call.
Thas is just for info, in case.
73 from Gerald F6HBI