Database is back up

I’m very sorry for the temporary interruption in service this evening. What started out as a simple test rapidly went downhill fast resulting in a complete failure.

There is still an issue with the server hosting the database application and a service ticket (at high priority) is being worked on by the hosting company. They have already done a few things but haven’t quite fixed the problem yet. No doubt this will be fixed quite soon.

In the meantime some lateral thinking by me and some jiggery-pokery has got the database back up and running. The problem was with the database web application, the code that draws the pretty tables and not the database itself. However, without the database application running, users cannot access the database.

I’m sorry I had to lock the Database Down message, normally comments and some banter are well received. But as this was a total failure that required action by me and the hosting company, I didn’t want the simplicity of the message to get lost. Especially if the database was still down when I went to bed. The hosting company provides 24/7 service support, but I don’t! :wink:

Andy, MM0FMF
Database Manager

In reply to MM0FMF:
Well done Andy, bit of quick thinking saved the day.

One of my light hearted messages bit the dust, but I totally understand.