Database error (missing Lat Long causes exception)

While looking at the SOTA mapping page I noticed that GM/SS-284 “Creag na Ciche” appears on the map at N 0 Deg W 0 Deg. A quick check on Hiking in the mountains: tips for beginner hikers - Mountain Day also shows it at 0/0.

A look on SOTA Database reveals that the Lat/Long fields in the database are empty and that clicking the “history” link for that summit causes a database exception!

Colin G8TMV

In reply to G8TMV:

I believe that certain summit-references in the DB have values which can be used to check unauthorized use of the DB. Andy may provide more details…

Rob DM1CM (edit: forgot to sign earlier!)

In reply to G8TMV:

Also looks like there’s a spelling mistake - it’s called Creag na Criche on my map :-S

73 de Paul G4MD

I suspect this is one that I noticed was missing the Lat/Long information a couple of weeks ago (when I was working on using the CSV download for my SOTA Log Editor) - but I forgot to mention it.

The other ‘feature’ I noticed was the inconsistency of what is entered into the GredRef1 and GridRef2 columns of the Summit CSV ranging from UK or Ireland NGR’s to various format’s of Lat/Long including a significant number with embedded HTML character codes and various combinations of quotes that break some library code that I was trying to use at the time.

Stewart G0LGS