Database and other issues FULLY FIXED

I’ve just noticed the database doesn’t seem to be responding. There may be some other things not working.

However, I’m actually working and a bit busy so I cannot look at what is broken right now.

I’ll look when I get a moment or possibly one of my colleagues may get to look and fix whatever is unhappy before I do.

Please be patient, don’t go testing for access every few seconds, that wont help. I’ll post something when it’s all working again.


As always, thanks for all the excellent support you guys provide SOTA.
Mike, WB2FUV


Having been able to escape from the office (upstairs spare bedroom) to the shack and the shack PC I’ve had a look.

There is currently an incident regarding networking to and from the hosting centre and also within it. It’s being worked on as I type but not yet fixed. This means access will be random and intermittent.

Everything apart from the reflector will be affected to some degree.

More as soon as I know myself :wink:


As noted, the reported server issue also seems to be affecting the spotting page. We will need to revert to old-fashioned LISTENING for activators at the watering holes.
Mike, WB2FUV


That happened to me very recently when I forgot to bring my phone. I just cruised the usual CW places and still scored about 100 points s2s. No chance on SSB, though. Too many places to look.

Elliott, K6EL


Latest from the hosting provider is they have “mitigated the networking issue and are monitoring to make sure it is fixed.” Read into that what you want but from my simple viewpoint, everything is working again.

So don’t all rush but you should find everything is now working OK.

Final status update to follow.

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The hosting provider confirms all issues regarding our data centre are fixed.


A little off topic here, but I ran into a problem trying to correct an uploaded S2S contact because I got the mode wrong. I deleted the contact but when I tried to upload or manually insert the replacement I got a duplicate key value error.

How can I correct this?

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PM me with the details.

Thanks Andy,

For all your work and diligence on keeping things running.
Very much appreciated.

Best, Ken, K6HPX

One of the many things to like about CW.
The usual suspects in the usual places!