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Data base

Is there a problem with the database just added my latest chaser summitts points are appearing on my database but not the contacts just wondering Dave M3XIE

In reply to -M3XIE:

Have you clicked on the “Show all QSOs” button next to the “Show awards” button?


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:
I’ll have a look later today.

(nr. Avignon)

In reply to -M3XIE:

Hi Dave… good to work you from the Cloud the other day!

I’m pretty sure you see the contact only if you’re logged in mate. I logged out and looked at your chaser history and -no contacts-. Logged in and the contacts are there.

I’d give that one a try first mate…

Best 73s


In reply to -M3XIE:
So very sorry every one it is all my fault must have had a senior moment and was putting the month of october in not november so sorry and thanks to all who replied derrrrrrrrrrrrr best 73S Dave M3XIE