Dark Theme for this Reflector

Following the addition of themes to SOTAwatch3, I have installed a Dark Theme alternative onto this reflector. Over to the top right under the hamburger menu if you click you will see:

Simply select Dark from that bottom menu to see the difference. To switch back to normal select the SOTA theme. It will remain to be called SOTA as it is different from the Discourse Default which is Light. I was able to install and test this thanks to Andrew @VK3ARR who spun up a development discourse version for me to test the implementation. Let me know of any issues.

There are several Discourse themes available and there is one which I think has high contrast. If there is anyone who has eyesight difficulties that would like to try this out please let me know. As well you may encounter different themes on other discourse sites. If you have any strong feeling about these please advise.


Hi Jim,
I have selected the dark option and I quite like it. The white text on the black background works well. I’ll leave it in place and use the reflector with that option.
Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

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Thanks, Jim, I like it!