Dan NA6MG hits 1000 S2S points!

Congrats Dan!

I was considering activating either today or Saturday. When I saw Dan was activating a 10 pointer today and had 989 S2S points, I decided to go today and try to be his first S2S. At 1621z I was ready and waiting and put Dan at 1000 S2S (his 10 activator points and my 1 chaser point).

02/Aug/2013 16:21 NA6MG W4ZV 14MHz CW 1 10 1000

Considering how many points Dan has given me the past year, this was truly an honor to be the QSO that gave him 1000!

73, Bill W4ZV

Nicely done, Dan. I see that we gave each other many hundreds of s2s points. World wide, there are only six others, besides us, in the s2s trophy club. Since you were already an IBM’er, double welcome to the Iron Bottom Meritocracy.

You seem to do everything in precise packages…your 1,000th point came exactly six months after your first point.
Elliott, K6EL
IBM’er #1

In reply to W4ZV:

Well done Dan and welcome to the club.

Hopefully, work you S2S when the bands improve…

73 Mike

Congratulations Dan on achieving 1000 summit to summit points.

Jimmy M0HGY