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Is it me or has the daily digest not been mailed out in the last couple of days?

For those of you that like to watch nutters doing scary things on rock there is a programme about Dave MacLeod climbing on Hell’s Lum Crag (at the head of Loch Avon in the Cairngorms) tonight (Wednesday), BBC2 8pm. I want to know if he really does have suckers on his hands!!!


Barry GM4TOE

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My listings don’t mention that, is it Scotland only?


Brian G8ADD

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Hi Brian
This is on BBC2 Scotland only, as is Tir is Teanga another excellent series on the Scottish mountains Robin, GM7PKT is looking out for the re-run of the 2007 series ].
Just what is the problem with BBC planers, do they think no one is interested South of the Border in these types programmes?
Don [G0NES]

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Just what is the problem with BBC planers,

It’ll be one of the regional opt-out slots. These exist in the schedules for “local” programme makers. To ensure they get less complaints programmes in these slots tend to be obviously “local”.

So whilst some people will be interested in the subject matter wherever they are in the UK, this subject is most definitely Scottish so nobody complains the Scottish slot has a English/Welsh/Martian content. Well in reality, those who complain about regional bias would only complain if it had English content. (I’m talking about you Alex Salmond!)


I don’t watch enough telly to justify a satellite receiver but I thought you could get the all different regions on SKY? Or is that ITV regions only?


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Hi Andy
BBC regional only - with exception of ITV London and Channel 4 & 4+
Don - G0NES

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Sky 990 receivable south of the border. “To Hell and Back” 8:00pm

You can actually program a Sky box to receive all of the ITV regions as well only you have to set them up from the frequency, e.t.c. in the “Services” “6 Other Channels” section.

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Is it me or has the daily digest not been mailed out in the last
couple of days?

I am still not getting the daily digest - is it me?
My settings on the reflector are correct and I have double checked and my own spam filter is not catching them either


Barry GM4TOE